Phantom Pickleball Set

Unleash the Fun of Pickleball with Helium's Phantom Fiberglass Paddle - 4-Pack Bundle

Pickleball, a sport that combines the elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, is rapidly gaining popularity across the globe. Whether you're a beginner looking to start a new hobby or an intermediate player aiming to improve your game, pickleball offers a fun, social, and competitive experience. And when it comes to choosing the right equipment, Helium's Phantom Fiberglass Paddle - 4-Pack Bundle stands out as a perfect choice.

About Helium - Elevating Your Game

Based in Phoenix, AZ, Helium is more than just a pickleball paddle company. We are a vibrant community of pickleball enthusiasts committed to inspiring new players and providing top-notch equipment for all skill levels. Our range includes everything from carbon fiber to fiberglass paddles, catering to juniors, adults, and families. With Helium, you’re not just buying a paddle; you’re joining a community passionate about elevating the game of pickleball.

Spotlight: Helium Phantom Fiberglass Paddle - 4-Pack Bundle

Complete Set for Instant Play

Travel Bag Included

The Helium Phantom Fiberglass Paddle - 4-Pack Bundle is a comprehensive set designed to get you playing right away. It includes four high-quality paddles, four balls, and a convenient carry bag, perfect for doubles or singles play. This set is ideal for family gatherings, community center activities, or a friendly match at the local pickleball court.

Balanced Paddle with Premium Construction

Each Phantom paddle boasts a fiberglass face, ensuring a perfect blend of control and power in every swing. The lightweight polypropylene honeycomb core enhances playability, providing a comfortable balance for players at any skill level.


While we pride ourselves on the durability and longevity of our paddles, it's essential to know when it's time for a replacement to ensure the best playing experience. For more insights on this, check out our comprehensive guide, "When to Replace Your Pickleball Paddle: A Comprehensive Guide". This article offers valuable tips and signs to look out for, helping you make informed decisions about your pickleball equipment.

Designed for All Players

Larger Sweet Spot

With a paddle surface area of 15.9” x 7.75”, the Phantom offers a large sweet spot, aiding better control with every hit. This makes it an excellent choice for schools, recreation centers, and community groups, as well as families and HOAs looking to add a fun and engaging activity to their repertoire.

Premium Comfort Grip

Premium Comfort Grip

Long playing sessions are no longer a strain, thanks to the non-slip, high-comfort tactile grip. The perforated, sweat-absorbent grip on each paddle allows for extended play without discomfort, making your pickleball experience even more enjoyable.

Stylish Choices

The set comes in two sleek colors, allowing players to choose their favorite paddle and hit the court in style. Whether you're playing for fun or aiming to dominate the court, the Phantom paddle set will surely elevate your game.

Why Choose Helium?

At Helium, we understand the importance of quality equipment in enhancing the pickleball experience. Our commitment to providing durable, high-performance paddles, like the Phantom Fiberglass Paddle - 4-Pack Bundle, reflects our dedication to the sport and its players.

Ready to elevate your pickleball game? Explore the Helium Phantom Fiberglass Paddle - 4-Pack Bundle here and join the Helium community in embracing the fun and excitement of pickleball.

Join us in our journey to make pickleball more than just a sport, but a way of life. With Helium's equipment, every game is an opportunity to make new friends, improve your skills, and most importantly, have a blast on the court. See you there!

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